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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
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Need Help?

If you have an issue or question about our camera, you can contact us via or
We will have professional customer service to help you. We are always here for you.

Pre Sale Questions

The delivery time depends on the delivery method and region you choose, the delivery will be delivered on the same day on weekdays, and the delivery will be delivered within 1-2 days on weekends.
If there is any problem with our camera, you can contact us freely via and we will try our best to help you.
Yes, if there is any problem with our cameras, you can contact us and we will offer refund and exchange.

If you don't want to subscribe to the Cloud Service, you can use the Micro SD card to store the recording.
Activity Zone feature and AI Analytics feature require a subscription to the cloud service to be available.

US ļ¼† Canada. We cannot deliver to the following areas: 1. Alaska 2. American Samoa 3. Guam 4. Hawaii 5. Marshall Islands 6. Northern Mariana Islands 7. Palau 8. Puerto Rico 9. Rhode Island 10. U.S. Virgin Islands 11. Armed Forces Americas 12. Armed Forces Europe 13. Armed Forces Pacific Thank you for your understanding.

Yes. We frequently have many discounts and you can follow us on our website and social media to keep up with our new arrivals and discounts.

Network Problem

Kindly noted that our device only supports 2.4gHz WIFI connection. Make sure the WIFI signal is greater than 80% and you have input the correct WIFI name and password. Note: Our camera can't support 5 gHz WIFI, please don't choose the two-in-one when setting up the router, you must name 2.4G and 5G separetely.

ā— solid green: the camera is fully charged.
ā— solid yellow: the camera is charging.
ā— solid blue: triggering the motion detection; the blue light will light up when watch the live broadcast; running normally.
ā— blinking blue: the reset is successfully, and the camera is in the network configuration mode.

After the setting is completed, if the camera is suddenly disconnected from the network during use, the camera can work without wifi, and all records will be automatically saved to the SD card. (make sure you turn on body detection).
But without internet, you can't see real-time information and alert message notifications on your phone. When you want to play the history, the camera must reconnect to the same wifi.

a. The location where the camera is installed is far from the router, and the network signal connected to the camera is unstable and less than 80%
b. The network of the router is unstable, you need to restart the router
c. There are other devices next to the camera grabbing the network signal

The phone connected to the camera needs to be connected to the same network as the camera.
Please make sure the wifi password you entered is accurate.
You can check whether the camera's network signal is more than 80% stable, and you can try to install the camera closer to the router. You can try restarting the router to reset the camera and reconnect the camera(
The camera supports two applications, Dzees home APP and Vico home APP. You can use another APP or uninstall the APP and download the latest version of the APP for use.
If the location where the camera is installed is too far, you can use a wifi signal extender to enhance the network signal range.
If the camera still has the same problem after the above operations, you can turn on the hotspot of another phone, then reset the camera, and connect the camera to your phone's hotspot to check whether it is online for a long time.

Battery Problem

Dzees solar camera can be charged through solar panels. if the environment is below - 10 degrees for a long time. It is recommended to occasionally plug the camera into a 5V / 2A power adapter for charging, which will prolong the service life of the camera battery.

Sorry, this battery is not replaceable. Because two lithium batteries are built into the security camera outdoor.

This outdoor camera can last 2-3 months, assuming triggering of 30 times/day. It takes 6-8 hours to fully charge it. Please fully charge the camera before first use.(Actual usage time depends on your settings, the temperature environment, and the number of times the camera is triggered.)

Yes, it needs to be charged with 5V/2A Mirco B USB cable and power adapter for 6-8 hours, the indicator light turns green, then it is fully charged.

It can charged while in use.

Yes, as long as it has the same parameters and the same interface as the charging cable required by the camera, such as the 5V/2A Mirco B USB cable.


The subscription period can be selected: continuous monthly package, 3 months and 12 months.The monthly subscription will be renewed automatically, but you can cancel the subscription the next month after you subscribe to the monthly subscription. We provide a free 3-day cloud storage for 2 year.
Please donā€™t worry, if you have multiple cameras, you can use one subscription account.If you donā€™t want to subscribe, we provide a free 3-day cloud storage for 2 year.Subscription features include AI object classification and zone customization15-day Cloud Recording $2.99 per month/ $7.99 for 3 months /$31.99 Per Yearļ¼›30-day Cloud Recording $4.49 per month/ $12.99 for 3 months /$49.99 Per Yearļ¼›60-day Cloud Recording $7.99 per month/ $23.99 for 3 months /$94.99 Per Year
A) The SD needs to be Micro SD Card, reaching at least 10MB/S to transfer. (class 10),supports up to 128G.B) Insert the Micro SD card and wait a few minutes until you hear ""SD Card detected.""(If not, try it again after turning off the camera ).
Dzees camera supports Micro SD Card (not included)
Yes.Buyer Even if there is no SD card or advanced services, the Dzees Home APP has 1G of local storage space, which can view alarm pictures or videos in recent one week, and witness events in real time through the application


The solar security camera can be installed both indoors and outdoors. If you need solar panels to power the solar security camera for a long time, you can install the solar security camera in a place with more sunlight.
The solar powered panel can extend the standby time of this camera to over 3-6 months. It may vary on sun exposure time and triggered frequency of this solar camera wireless outdoor.
No, it's very simple. Select a proper position for your home security camera. Make sure the home camera is not blocked and ensure it is in coverage of Wi-Fi. Just fix the mounting bracket with screws. Add a camera and other steps are detailed in the instructions.
Simple installation. You only need to punch holes and fix the support with screws. There are detailed camera operation steps in the manual.
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